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Engine Customizing / Overhauling - Chroming Pulleys?


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Dec 26, 2002
Richmond, VA
1991 Blue Coupe
What a weekend! Aaargh !! I pulled my radiator / shroud / electric fan assembly, I will be replacing the radiator with a Dewitt aluminum. I am replacing valve covers and exhaust manifolds with some nice SS. With all this available working space and things out of the way, I am going to replace the water pump with aluminum, chromed timing chain cover & chromed power steering pump. I also want to replace the pulleys with chrome ones since I have them off.

I am definitely replacing the 2 upper pulleys with chrome ones off of the water pump. My question is regarding the lower pulleys off the crank and the power steering pulley. They are down low and kind of out of the way and hard to see when everything is assembled. Should they be replaced with chrome or are they out of sight and not necessary? I would like to hear from you out there who have done similar customizations.


I have replaced the water pump with a chrome one, The water pump pulley and the alternator pulley are polished alloy and I still have the crankshaft pulley to do. I bought the three polished pulleys in a kit and they look great. I also replaced the power steering pump with a new chrome one. I then had to get that pulley chromed as I couldn't buy one. My advice is to do it all. Don't half do the job, you will always regret it.
I can send photos if you want.


If you do not need to drive the car daily, then take your time and do it all at once.
I put several aftermarket chrome parts and brackets on, and needless to say, they took much more time than I thought to get them to properly fit. Once, done, I have nearly forgotton the scraped knuckles. hehe

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