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engine modifications


gary l. ott

I was wondering if anyone has had engine work done ie. heads ported,cam changed,headers to there c5.And if they were satisfied with the results. Did you like the idle,torque at low rpm,and noise of exhaust? Would you do it again if you had the chance to?Motorsports technolgies offers modifications to the engine which result in 391rwhp or 413rwhp depending which heads and cam you select.Would the car be driveable as daily transportation?
Gary, I'll leave it up to you, but do you think this forum best suits your needs for receiving responses to your poser? The C5 "Technical" or even the C5 "General" section might serve you better. ;)

_ken :w
Morgan Motorsports

Hi Gary ,
i originally had the stage 1 heads and 218 cam installed on my C5..Bumped my RWHP up to 365.
Very nice improvement , but i decided to go back to MMS and upgrade my pkg to the Stage II heads and 229 Cam.

This bumped me up to a solid 420 RWHP..I have several other mods done as well. ( This should allow me to put those vipers in check ;)

The guys at MMS know there stuff !

Good Luck
engine mod420rwhp

Are you happy with your vette?What about driving around town and low rpm driving?Have you had to give idle with the stage 11 heads and cam package?
I was thinking about stage 1 head and cam package from Motorsports Technology {also know as MTI}.
And to make things more exciting a vortech supercharger. EST. horsepower ??? Do you think I would be happy with these modifications?
I think this would probably get better exposure in the C5 Forum....I'm going to move it there. :)

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