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engine noise in radio



here we go again.
i want to trash all the radio shielding on my 79. i do not want engine noise. (spark-alt wine and other noise)
what wires do i need?
yeah, i know, supressor plugs.
what about the HEI unit? do i have to put tinfoil around it?
i only listen in town, because the pipes are too loud to hear any thing on the road.
i did not have these problems in the other sharks i had, they had stock radios. this one has elcheapo after market something or other no name sh__ in it. the other owners somewhere down the line thought they needed a boom box type and i don't want to pull it out. its kinda neet to have a zit faced, backwards hat warin dork in some jap job trying to over power my lopy loud pipes with his noise. then i turn on mine!!
it seems that the radio installer placed two very large amplifide speakers under the rear where the tire carrier should be. if i turn it up a bit, the dorks have to roll up their windows. (old farts revenge.) and it ain't nice to give them spark noise.
so, what ideas ya got about radio supression wires?
i mean, don't they **** you off with that stuff?
the pizza guy comes in at 50 mph in a honda that i can hear coming four blocks away. it will get better the deaffer i get.

BSS :cool :cool


Hello Mike. Sorry to hear about your aching ears. I use to rev my engine at the stoplights to drown out sh***y music that I didn't want to hear. Most of these guys have their windows down, so a nice fat burnout would fill up their econobox with rubber filled smoke. But alas, the local police just don't understand. The mail-order company Jegs sells RFI noise filters. The Msd is $26(121-8830) and the Accel is $13(110-49050). I don't know why there is such a price difference. A friend of mine swears by them for his GTO, but since my Vette is down, I really can't say. Good luck.--Bullitt

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