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Engine shuts down



Great forum- this is my first post. I have a 1982 cross-fire. After I have driven 15 to 20 miles and come to a stop the engine shuts down. It restarts but runs rough. When it is first started it runs fine. It appears to happen after the engine is warmed up. The coolant sensor has been replaced. The car does not overheat. After it sits for a while it runs and idles smooth. Any thoughts on where to start first would be appreciated.
I would check the EGR valve. Also, see if there are any major vacuum leaks.

I have checked vacuum lines, but not the EGR. Will give that a try. Could the fuel filter be a possible problem?
Tee Connections


Check the "Tee" connections as well as the lines. I had a crack in one years ago on my '72 that drove me crazy finding. It would fire up, idle perfectly, but the minute I started down the road..........gag! Spents days and it ended up being a .17 cent "tee" connection. Also, very possible one of the hoses is cracked on a side that you do not readily see. Check them again. Good luck. Doubtful it's a fuel filter.

......... Nut
I don't know if THERMAC would cause stall but I would check for proper operation along with other suggestions.


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