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Engine Tries to Start But Fails.



A few weeks back I purchased a 75 corvette. I drove the car to my house and it ran fine. The drive was about 2 hours. I went on a training exercise for the military for about two weeks and well I came back and my car wasn't starting. I tried turning it on and the engine cranked but it would stop and there was a sound as if something was hitting against it not letting the engine turn. I thought it was the fly wheel and I raised the car and had someone try to crank it but once again something around the flywheel seems to be hitting. I had my starter checked out and well it tested fine. To my bad luck this morning I walked to my car and the car had spilled out lots of transmission fluid through the pan. How can this happen as well. I already replaced the gasket and filter on the transmission but can someone please help me. Sorry for writing to much.


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Sep 6, 2003
Rochester, NY
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Sounds more like you busted something in the torque converter, and it lost fluid out of it.

Anybody else want to take a whack at this one?


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Jun 16, 2005
Wadsworth OH
My Corvette reaches a point where it will start leaking tranny fluid. If it is driven regualr it is fine but after sitting a lengthy time ( a couple weeks to ?) it starts leaking. I doubt it's the pan, probably the front seal leaking down on the pan.

I am guessing the two problems are not related. the first thing to do is turn the crank by hand to make sure it can turn a full 360 degrees without stopping. That can help rule out internal problems.

Also this is posted in two forums and should be consolidated.

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