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Erratic RFA system on '98 C5



After my car sets for several hours, or almost always over night, the RFA system will not work. I can resynchronize the transmitter and then it will be O.K. but will sometimes act like it is the passive mode. If I turn the pasive mode on and then off again this seems to clear up the problem. I have replaced the battery in the transmitter, matched the transmitter to the vehicle several times, and often resynchronize the transmitter. Any ideas out there?
HI, questions please

Hi there,
First, I would check for codes in the RFA system.
Then, I would attempt a complete reprogram of the transmitters, not just a resynch.
Then get back to us, and let us know what happens, as I am suspecting transmitters, however, I need more info before proceeding.
Bestoyou, c4c5:hb

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back, but I've been out of town a lot and haven't had time to do much with the Vette when I have been home.

I reset all of my DIC codes then matched my transmitter FOB to the car then resynced the transmitter by holding down the lock / unlock buttons at the same time. Everything seemed fine until the car sat over night and then nothing on the remote transmitter worked. I checked the DIC codes again and there were no codes showing. I had my GM dealer check the transmitter on his electronic testing device and it showed it to be O.K. Some times when I first resync it, it will act like it is in the passive mode. If I then move the passive mode switch to on and then back off it is O.K. umtil it stops working altogether. Any ideas
Battery in key fob?

Do you have more than 1 fob?

What's the condition of this one? shinny & new or lots of pocket milage.

Hi there,
I would say that your transmitters are not working correctly.
I would program a different transmitter. And see how you do.
If you have a friend with tranmitters off a 97-01, they will work with your car.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

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