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72 Bluz

The wiper door....thanks to Ron, I finally got it functioning. Replaced the seal, plug and boot on the actuator. The remaining problem is this: when I turn the engine off, the wiper door opens; when the car is started - it closes. The door and wipers work fine while the car is running. At this point, I have no idea where to start or what to look for. :hb Any help and advice is appreciated.

Those wiper doors are vacuum actuated, I'd look for leaky hoses or the check valve failing or missing. Good luck.
Im in process ,Trying to get all of my vacuum working correctly too:confused
Ive figured out how a "little" of the overall system works, maybe Ill say something that will help.
The reserve tank stores vacuum so you can actuate headlamp or wiper doors a time or two with the engine turned off. It has a one way check valve in front of it to keep vacuum from escaping back to the manifold. Check that valve, and check the position of your override settings for the wiper door, it seems if the override was actuated it would cause the door to behave different than what you think it should?. Im thinking you may not have a leak because it works correctly with the motor running! Is it possible some hoses have been connected to the wrong ports??
Good luck , Have a great Christmas and holidays..
Thanks, TC

I have been researching NCRS archives for 2 hours this morning, from your post of some time ago. I checked hose routing the best I could. I'm like you, don't think it's a leak because everything works properly while the engine is running. It's only when I cut it off that the wiper door becomes haunted. I will check the valve in front of the resevoir tank. Also founf I did not have a filter between the manifold port and the metal disk - will order and add. Could you elaborate on the override settings? That's new to me. Manuals haven't been any help on this and I was beginning to give up on getting some tips here. Thank you for responding. This really has me baffled.

Merry Christmas.

Is there an easy way to remove the vacuum reserve tank for a visible inspection on a 72?

The General says to check the diaphragm side of the vacuum relay valve, it's spring loaded and fails in the open position(wiper door open) Its located under the rear of the right front fender. Also check the vacuum control solonoid. It evacuated the vacuum from the diaphragm side of the relay valve when the wiper switch is turned on. It's located on the tach housing under the dash. Good Luck


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