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excommunicatable offence ????



I have a 79 rolling chassis that was in a fire, and have been looking for parts or parts car to rebuild it,parts as I see it will cost more than buying another running vette,even used parts.So being of creative mind, I got this Idea.....to build somthing else out of it......I was thinking of a lakes type roadster, you know those open wheeled low slung one of a kind things that looks like an early 30s car that was streamlined, I have a picture in my head of this creation....would this be a sin....I have my eye on another vette definatly not a parts car which I shall procure first gotta have one
I don't think so..

Did you ever see Miami Vice??? That was a rolling Corvette Chassis..

What about one of those Reproduction 53 Corvette bodies?
Hey Phoenix they're your ashes to bring back to life ;)

Me neither...

Your Vette had the worst thing imagineable happen to her with the fire that destroyed her.
Rebuild her any way you want to.
Besides...the 6 Million Dollar Man was not the 'same' after he was resurected!

I'd love to see your open-wheeled design!

I agree with Bud and Silver. It' dont matter what she looks like on the outside, she's still a Corvette at heart! Besides, she's your car to restore, do with her as you will.

I think that I would be inclined to hit the major swap meets and internet for a kit car body as a start for a project like that. The old Kellison kit car had a 98 inch wheelbase, same as yours, and great vintage Euro styling.
The thought of a repo 57 vette with modern suspension and a hot rodded motor makes my eyes water. Just think you could really drive it instead of hiding it in a garage like an orignal.
A full cage and lightweight body panels would make you a terror on the autocross course. Maybe a dirt modified body?
If I think about this much more I may just go tear the body off of my '79. Good luck and keep us updated.
sounds like a great idea to me. let us know how it turns out. robert

excomm ... NAW!

Excommunicate you ? NAW!! Maybe BEATIFICATION though ... for "raising the dead." If you can do something ... anything ... with it, then you go right ahead. It's your car, do as you like. Good luck and let us know how and what you do.
Thanks I thought maybe ya'll might be horrifyed .I do want another corvette though and will wait for the right one but in the meantime plans are being made for the one I'll call the phoenix GT, I'm pretty sure I can have a MGB for the cockpit and windshield area and have a 2 1/2 in 4point rollbar already and the 327 will be on the stand by weeks end. The frame is comming out of storage as soon as I make room in the shop for it. And yes I have all the info on the Cobrette, nice kit 5700 bucks

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