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Exhaust questions


72 Bluz

I'm guessing there's an exhaust leak somewhere. It's more audible inside the car than outside, if that makes sense. In fact, it's almost inaudible if you're not in the car. Also, there is a small popping sound in the right side (passenger) exhaust. I'ts faint but is noticable when I crank her up. There doesn't seem to be a certain rhythm to it. Have checked header bolts and intake bolts - running out of ideas. Could it be a gasket or a leak in the pipes somewhere? Seem to remember something from another post about combustion inside the mufflers. Thanks for any replies.
How new/old is the exhaust system?

I had an 89 IROC Z that the exhaust pipe between the Y pipe and Cat hat rotted out on the top side. Strangest thing in the world, just like you mentioned. I had to get under the car while it was running and move my hands around the pipes unitl.........Bingo, I felt it, and therefore found it.

That was a stock exhaust system back in 97.

Maybe this helps?
Thanks, Chris

I'll go exploring under Xena this weekend. Love holiday weekends. BTW, I like your new site. :upthumbs

If you still can't find it, clean up the areas where pipes join (use steel wool or emory cloth, wire brush, etc). Then drive it for awhile and see if you can spot any carbon tracks.....
Hey, Chris or Ken

Found a small hole in the passenger side exhaust pipe, I think. Can't really feel the hole, but can feel exhaust coming out while she's running. Now for the display of ignorance. Is there a temporary/quick fix to this without replacing the pipe? And, how do I spot carbon tracks? Don't know what to look for.


You can get patch kits at the local autoparts store. I would suggest you just get the pipe replaced. If it rusted through in one spot, it will keep doing it in other places.

Glad you found it.

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