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Can anyone possibly tell me where I might find a color chart (or charts) showing all the exterior colors (not the color names only, but actual color samples) used on the Corvette from 1953 to the present? Or at least to, say, 1970? Please e-mail me if you have any info. Thanks very much.
Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
71 Conv. (Sold) / 98 Pewter Coupe (Sold)
The original color samples are getting pretty rare for the older cars. I hate to tell you this but some of the samples are just short of impossible to find and here's why. Back in the 60's and 70's a number of Corvette colors were for Corvettes only. When the dealer catalogs were made - dealer catalogs, not brochures - they included actual color chips for every color available on every Chevrolet except Corvettes. An example is my case; my 71 is Classic White which is completely different from the white (forgot the name) user to paint Camaros, Impalas, etc. In fact, when the two are side by side the other cars look beige. If you look at the color chips in the 1971 book, none of the Vette specific colors appear but rather they are listed on the back of the page by name only. I did stumble upon some chip sheets made by the paint manufacturers but I passed on them as they weren't from my year. If you're serious about collecting the actual paint chips from all years, not just the color printed on a piece of paper, prepare yourself for miles of walking at swap meets and car shows.

The only GM produced samples I've seen in the flesh are the big cardboard backed pieces that they displayed in the dealer showrooms which included fabric samples and selling points of eact car. Of course, these are pretty darn rare as well....and just a tad expensive. These show up on eBay occasionally.

Best of luck in your search!

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