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Exterior Molding


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
did 68 up vettes ever come with chrome rocker moldings and the trim that goes around the windshield and will this stuff directly clip/bolt on to a 82, my hard top has chrome/stainless trim and want to use that kind of color on the rest of the car
Actually 68 & 69 had a 2-piece design. The one's you're probably thinking of are the one-piece stainless design used from 70-77. From 78-82 they were black coated and the look changed a couple more times between 78-82. I'm not positive if they would be a direct fit to an 82 but by all appearances, they should. That part of the cars never really changed so the worse case is that the screw locations may have changed but that's unlikely. Since they come off in 5 minutes, I'd ask a friend with an older shark to let you try it, I'd let you if you were nearby:).

As for the window trim, your 82 has thinner glass so that may be a concern when going with older model trim. It should still work but may leave a gap but the trim is mostly for looks since sealant keeps the water out.

BTW, that look is gonna be sharp on that 82:upthumbs.

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