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Fan Shroud Removal



Can the fan shroud on my '73 be removed without removing the radiator?
IMO, the possibility of breaking the shroud would be enuff to get me to pull the rad., I have tried to pull the shroud on my 77 with the rad in and decided to pull the rad., just my 2 cents. :w
You can loosen the shroud and move it so it almost hangs over the water pump to remove the radiator, but I don't see how you could remove the shroud without removing the radiator unless you completely destroyed the shroud by cutting it up.
If you have the one piece fiberglass/plastic shroud, I do not believe you can get the shroud out without removing the radiator AND POSSIBLY the core support. You usually have to take the hood off the car too. You can sometimes loosen the core support from under both fenders and at the bottom and pull it forward. This sometimes gives you enough room to pull the radiator and shroud. Most often you pull all 3 pieces, the core support, the radiator, and the shroud as a unit. There is not usually enough room to pull the shroud past the front upper A frame bolts/bushings. It's a tedious job....no shortcuts. Chuck
Thanks guys. I was finally able to get to the lower radiator hose by pulling the shroud up a few inches. Someone had installed the lower hose clamp facing the shroud. Pulling it and the heater hoses off to replace has been a real fun task! I now have her torn down enough to clean the block up some and start putting everything back together. The wife is about to kill me though as I have had boxes of new stuff commin in just about every day. She keeps asking where I am getting the money. Credit, what a lovely concept! I'll let you know how it goes back together. I'll also take some pic's

One last note. Picked up some factory ribbed valve covers off of ebay. Had them powdercoated black and the tops of the ribbs polished. Man do they look great! Along with the new Edelbrock intake and all of the other black accents, the motor should look great when I am done.

Thanks again.

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