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Fiber Optics?!



I know somewhere between 68-72 fiber optics were being used in the Sharks and then they were discontinued. What I would like to know is what years did they come w/ fiber optics and should this be something to maybe avoid when considering making a vette purchase. I have narrowed my corvette wants down to the chrome bumper Sharks. I have heard fiber optics are VERY expensive and labor intensive to replace/repair. So I figured that I would just skip the years they used them. Besides the only real differences I am aware of between 68 and 72 are leather seat options, the side gills changed in 70, 69 had the only stock side pipe, and 68 did not have the "Stingray" above the gills. Other then that they are pretty much the same.... Right?? :confused

my 71 has fiber optics, it is my understanding 71 was the last year. 72 does not have fiber optics. have not found them hard to work on. replaced the pass front was not a problem at all cost was about 30 dollars total. robert
Thanks Robert. All the reason why I asked the question. To get as many opinions or shall we say... hands on actual experience with these things...

Thanks again.......

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