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Finally decided on which shark.



Picking which year shark to buy sure is tough. With the different styles and they are all such beautiful cars - each in it's own way. Went looking at Vettes all this last weekend. Almost found a wrecked one to restore, but the damage was far more extensive than the owner claimed. It had been in a fire. The entire front clip was destroyed, along with the Roadster Hardtop, entire interior melted and passengers door. It had also been sitting outside in the elements so long that there was extensive rust to the chassis, motor and suspension. Too bad, it was at one time my dream car. A yellow '69 Roadster. ( I think all vettes should be yellow by the way.)

After looking at sooo many vettes, I realized that it was worth it to save my money and wait till the right one comes along. I'm shooting for a 68-72 Roadster with a small block engine. I still plan on taking the original engine and transmission out of any vette I buy and storing them. I want to replace them with newer GM crate motors and a built tranny. It'll take me longer to finally get one, but I know I'll be happier. I won't have to modify it quite so much, so it'll go back to stock easier. And I just know I'll love driving it. Until then I guess I'll just have to satisfy myself with looking and longing after all the members' Vettes.
KK1727 said:
I'm shooting for a 68-72 Roadster with a small block engine.

Make it a big block with side exhaust and we'll be shooting for the same thing! :D
Another nice thing about that year range, NO smog stuff to deal with! :D

Mike :w
Re: Re: Finally decided on which shark.

Make it a big block with side exhaust and we'll be shooting for the same thing! :D

Add one more person to the hunt as well. I almost bought another vette recently but I decided to hold out for the one I want.

If you get a 68-72 with the big block I can see no reason to change a thing Just kick the Tires light the Fires and hang on!!!:Roll :Roll :Roll
Excellent choice!!!

Too bad she's not for sale...
Sounds like I could start a bidding war... :argue
You probably could start a bidding war with your baby, if you wanted to.;) Glad our 72 is a LT-1 and no one wants him, but us. ;) :W:

Good choice, but try to stay away from 68. Parts are completly differant(Chevy learned a lot from 68 to 69), and some are very hard to come by. Dont get me wrong, 68's are fine cars, but not to restore, they will cost almost double to restore depending on what all is missing..............Good luck on your quest......Do you want a Convertable or coupe??????Steve
Looking at the price of things, I'm skipping the big block. Found a 72 454 Roadster Sunflower yellow, beautiful car... for 36,000. My pockets just don't go that deep.

As for changing the motor and tranny, thinking that's the way to go with a 29 plus years on a vehicle. I'm wanting a daily driver, I'm just not so sure a 29 year old motor and tranny will hold up to everyday traffic.

As for the roadster goes, well I just can't bring myself to really enjoy the vert window with the 'side wings' on the stingray. I love convertibles with the tops down, but have always thought that soft tops somehow don't look right on any car. That's orginally why I was looking at the '80-'81.

Now not being a Corvette 'buff' I did not know that there were roadster with the removable hardtop. While looking around I saw the above '72 and all my problems were solved.

Except for the shaking and sweating and staying up nights, and the way I itch everytime I see a Vette.....
I know how you feel about finding the right one. I was looking at a 74. Turns out that it didn't have matching numbers, the inside was all torn apart, and it didn't have the factory wheels on it. I am like you, guess I'll save my money until I find what I am looking for---74 shark with a 454 big block, and black to match my Dodge Ram.:W:

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