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Finally Got Roll Bar Installed


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Feb 24, 2001
Camp Hill, PA
Formally Callaway SuperNatural Grand Sport #0001
I finally got my car back from the installer of my roll bar:D . I got it thru Exotic Muscle (www.exoticmuscle.com) The installer did a fantastic job:D I was told that the roll bar would lock in the rear end and was I surprised at how it really tightened everything up. After picking the car up, I put it thru the paces. The rear end had hardly any wander driving it hard thru the corners and body flex was virtually eliminated. I actually had to relearn some driving habits due to the improvements I experienced. If you don't mind losing a spot to store your top, this is the way to go if you're looking for BIGBIG improvements in handling
Currently, I'm unable to post photos, but when I'm up and running you'll see 'em.
Also, with the roll bar, the top storage is eliminated
Top Storage

What year convertible do you have?

I have been researching roll-bar options for my 96 convertible and have come up with very, very few options. For one to meet NCCC specifications anyway.
Best bet seems to be a custom fabricator. If you want your top to function.

Did you purchase the "Autopower" roll-bar from exotic muscle?
Sorry, when I said no top storage, I meant targa top as
I have a coupe. You might want to check with Exotic Muscle (www.exotic muscle) to see if they do make a roll bar for convertibles. The bar I purchased thru them
is top notch.

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