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douglas foster

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Aug 18, 2005
minnesota usa
1984 C4 Gold coupe, Z51, 4+3 manual, BBS rims,
Winter depression over, triple digits today hallelujah!!!!
Lucky You

I envy you...rainy..40 degrees here in Virginia...looks like i'll be house bound today...no Vette drives for the wife and myself....by the way great lookin' C4 you've got there...enjoy the day you're lucky ! :beer
Congratulations! Enjoy!

It's raining here:(
we're having nice weather here in Colorado as well....to bad my 'vette is getting new injectors put in right now! :(
We are all getting teased in Louisville! One day it is 70 and the very next day we have a high of 38 with a chance of snow! :mad
So Bay Vetter said "Here in So Cal we take the Vette to breakfast at leats once a week year 'round" .

Well, not to rub it in but..... OHHH YEAAAH!! :cool
In what way did it hit triple digits Im in NE and it has surpassed 72* are you saying it hit 100 in Minnesota HOW you're in the Lake effect snow region Right?
looks great, bet you made quite a hit at the show.

No doubt about that Walked away with " OUTSTANDING in CLASS " Award. I now have a 1st place....a 2nd place.....and..... A Outstanding in class. so, Yeah I'm doing pretty good so far for 2 years as owner

It's crazy that you have the exact same color of car WE have to get these cars side-by-side for a photo shoot

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