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First Corvette


Jul 2, 2001
Austin, TX, USA
1974 L-82 White Coupe
I just bought a white 74' Coupe w/ air, ps, leather, and a L-82 engine. I know I forgot alot of things. I love driving it! I bought it for 12,500 from Corvette Country in Austin. They lowered the price 1,500 dollars for me. I just turned 17 and I am making every payment on the car. Is their anything that I should know about Corvette ownership and about the 74 vette?
Welcome to CAC!! You'll find plenty of help here if you need and want it. My husband also has a 74...convertible, which is his pride and joy! Good luck with your new Corvette...enjoy it!!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
The first thing to know about Vette ownership...

...is The Wave!
Have you noticed other Vette drivers waving at you? Saying a 'Hello, I see your Vette, this one's mine!'
...that is known as the wave :w
I'd recomend getting some repair/restoration books for your '74. Chilton, Haynes or a 74 Corvette Assembly Manual. Welcome to the CACC, lots of friendly people who can answer any questions you may have. Happy driving!

Silver & Hubby aka:Heidi & Ken
Welcome to the CACC Cav! One thing you need to watch out for with your new Corvette is becoming addicted to it. 'Vette's get into your blood. If you have any questions ask away. Thats what we are here for.

What is the mileage on the car?
Any special features such as great paint
or restorations?

I am saving up for my own mid-70's and am
studying the pricing.

I just recently purchased a 73' in which I can't drive till this weekend, cause I have to put new brakes and everything on it. So there is a few of us around that has just recently purchased a vette, and will be cross posting questions it seems heh :D

I have just had the vette for a week... and it is already in my blood.. big time..

:w Welcome to the CAC. I would have sold vital organs to have a Corvette when I was 17. I would just say, in addition to the other good advice posted here, to be diligent about your cars condition. Brakes, rear wheel bearings, u-joints and power steering components are all common maintenence areas of '63-'82 Corvettes. Watch for wetness on the inside of the tires and wheels (calipers leaking), and be aware of unusual vibrations, clunks or the rear seeming to want to steer the car.

Hopefully your car has had good care but on a car this old it is a good idea to give it a good looking over on a regular basis. Need to find those small problems before they become big ones.



My first Corvette was a 74 T-top, 350 ,four speed, 3:73 gears, A/C, pwr steering and not much else.

I drove it through my Junior and Senior year of high school. It was yellow from the factory but did not take long to end up Torch Red.

Had a blast with it. Wish I still had it.

The beatiful thing about a 74 is it is the last year of the non-emissions cars, has all the great looks of the shark, and can be modified to the extreme or left stock. Many different year models share the same parts and that keeps the cost down when needed to do some repairs.

I went to the fiberglass front and rear bumpers (after a little fender bender) and the ground effects package.

Like any C3, you need to keep an eye on the metal structure around the windshield frame, the hinge pillars, the rockers, and the rear section of the frame just in front of the wheels. Make sure it is rust treated and you keep those areas clean. Look under your doors front and rear to detect any signs of rust starting. Take the door panel off and clean the bottom of the door housing out. Leaves and other debris in there will result in rust down the road.

If you see rust there now, don't panic yet. However, you need to get it check by a pro right away. It it goes too far sometimes you end of with a car that is better to sell for parts than to try to drive.

BTW-as you can guess, I was about your age when I had the 74.

1st Vette

Congratulations!! I owned 2 '79s when I was 20 and I gave up alot of things, like food etc (haha) to own them. Now people say that I am having a mid life crisis and I bought an 80. Remember the wave :W: and don't be afraid to be the first to wave :w

Most of all have fun, but don't be reckless.

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