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first dashpics from johnnys vette



Here you are, the pics are not so beautifull and my dash isn't ready yet!

But here you have the link:


What do you think? Do if your behind the wheel.


It's aluminum, but under that here is waterrisitant woodpanel. It's my first tryout, maby I will change a bit. The centreconsole has real carbon fiber on it, the rest will be made also with the carbofiber, maby I made some aluminum under it, for smoothness.

Do you think, I should use huge warninglights?

You see the corvette text, this I will engrave, so you read "corvette" in depth. I also will adapth the upperdashpanel in the shape of the centereconsole, how? I don't know yet. Maby I go to a interiorspecialist.

So as you can see, it was not easy to made. There is a hight difference in the centerconsole and the different angles of the material. I made everything first of paper (in Dutch=karton)

Wow Johnny, you're not messing around :) What else do you have to do to complete it?

Jay, how are you doing? You have the shifter yet?

This is my first setup, when I have my shifer installed then I can see if I have enough space for shifting without changeing the radiostations.

The dash will be removed several times, after that I will see if I can polish the dash (or something else)

As I say, the middle must be covered with the carbonfiber and also the console (where you out the cigarettes/cds stuff)

I have ordered a new aluminum shift rack with leather, also a few exstra switches for the traktioncontrole and I want a bigRed starterknob like the BMW Z8.

This dash is the beginning, it was a must, because I bought the new computer, and it was easyer to connect the gauges to the new computer.

BUT, I have connect the tach already (I couldend waith) and its awsome! Especially in the dark (I used the redcaps)(minicondoms)

Johnny, you should think about marketing the plans for manufacturing that set-up. I think it might have appeal to a significant number of C4 owners looking to get away from the "pinball machine" digital cluster we now have.

Of course the plans would have to discuss the installation and compatibility issues between the digital and the analog gauges, but it sounds like you've got a handle on that as well. Good luck and keep us informed.

I LIKE it! :upthumbs

_ken :w

I think so, there are a lot of c4 owners who want something like this. I have thought about it, but when you made a "ready to fit" console, it has to be something everybody likes. So carbonfiber I think, and different holesizes, and different radio sizes.

It will cost a lot of effort to setup a thing like this. I think about 200 hours of devolement, and the cost of the material. Carbon is not cheap.

Or a aluminum press........

How many do you have to sell? And what would it cost a piece?

No, I think it would to expencive. So, if somebody want it, maby I can help.

But its easy, use your 2 right hands and common sense.

BUT thats not all, I am working at a new HOOD and frontbumper with spoilers for the C4. I think the set wich are avalible are old.....very old.

So I give you a glimp....I am (I have a specialist) who is making a hood and bumper in a c3 style, not to overdone but smooth. And, that's important, very much heat extraction and DOWNFORCE! And lights in the front of the bumper (also avalble with NEON) Interested?

I will make a "mother setup" which can be used for commercial use.

The material wil be poly.

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