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First day preparation for dashboard & windshield removal.



Step by Step
I'll let you you know how it all goes. Today I put the radio on, turned the heat up in garage, got my crickity old body going and took the window post moldings off. Luckily they didn't break like they usually do on GM products. Then took the center control panel off. Removed fourteen #10 hex sheet metal screws around the dash pad, covered the steering wheel and cluster with a cotton towel, and with both doors open and window glass down, covered doors and side view mirrors with cotton sheets, and then removed the dash.

I got the stool ready, hair dryer, and heated up the weather stripping slightly, so it would pull from the channel without ripping. Removed thirteen screws from each channel, heated the channel and slowly pulled the channels off without ripping the factory weather stripping tape. Removed the windshield wipers and cowel cover and then called it a day.

The windshield is all ready to be removed. Remember, when replacing the front windshield, make sure you order the factory top windshield finishing rubber. Don't go with the after market. It's not the same. I'll let you know tommorrow what happens next. Once I have the windshield out, it will be easier for me to get to the vacuum harness on the right side without removing the heater core chamber, referred to as plenum chamber. There are two lines that run behind the right side, so I think it will be easier to get at with the windshield out. When removing the carraige that holds the air bag and the glove box, a good rule of thumb, is to drill holes in an area next to supporting bolts with self tapping sheet metal screws. This way when you reinstall the cage, it will be able to line it up to its original position, and dash pad, air bag cover, glove box and center panel will all line up when reinstalling.

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