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First time Corvette owner



Just bought my first Corvette off Ebay this week. Its being delivered on Monday!!!! I am like a kid at Christmas Eve!
It was kinda sacry buying a car from looking at pictures only
.... but what the heck, right
1995 Torch red coupe
Cant wait till tomorrow!!!!!
Congratulations and welcome to the Corvette Action Center! :) Let us know how you like the Vette when you get it.

Hi and congrats on being the winning bidder. I follow the eBay vettes being auctioned off regularly, which one did you win? Good Luck with it.
Hey, welcome to CAC. Wow.....a new 95! And red too! I am sure you will super enjoy that car.

I have a little older 89 L98 that is Nassau Blue and I love it. Well anyway, welcome to the elite crowd of CORVETTE ownership. And don't forget the 'WAVE'. :Twist

Regards and Much Fun,
Welcome . Lets see some pics of that 95. Keep wavin:w
Hey IROC!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Vettes! :beer

And to the best darn web site there is! Thanks to Rob and crew.

I too have had the trepidation associated with buying a car on e-bay. Mine was not a Vette but a 98 Caddy Eldo .. got it from Texas. Shipped it up to Watertown N.Y. and did all the paperwork to get it into Canada. It's here and I love it! Cost me less than a new Honda Accord and is about 3 times the car..

You'll be ok.. show pictures when you've got it.. we all want pictures!
Very exciting!

Congratulations on your purchase! There is NO car like the Vette. You'll love it.
New Vette

What a weekend for you. Buying your first Vette and finding the best Vette site in the world. A 95 red untop of it. Wow. I hope you end up loving them like the rest of us. And remember if you have any questions this is the best place to get them answered.
Get some pictures posted soon/


and congrats.
I bought my vette with only seeing pictures and phonecalls and it is one of the best things I have ever done. Mine is a little older but quite pleasureable. You will have a blast and you will also love it here. Ask any questions you have because someone here will have some sort of answer.

Everybody SING

Over the wires & thru the modem
The Vette shows up today
The green flys out
the car gets waxed
and everything's OK

Well maybe not the singing part

( In wrestlemania voice)
Let's get rrrrreeeeaaadddyyyy to chat Vette!

Ok strike 2

Welcome to the BEST, most informative, website in the entire known universe!

Read, learn, ask questions...,
No body will laugh
( Like at my jokes)

Were here to help


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