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first vette...I wish


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
kmac said:

I hate you had to see a vette in that condition 69MW...but I'm glad you made the decision to fix'er up.
How about an "after" shot?!?

Getting closer...not done yet

Here is one of my favorite angles. Never mind that tiny tiny little itty bitty engine in there.



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Feb 25, 2002
Cleveland, Ohio
ZZ4, 700R4, Steeroids rack & pinion, VB&P Brakes
Regarding the first pic of the Blue 1980...
Hey! That was my car before I painted and modified her! (well, not literally my car, but same color).

My mechanic who has been on this earth quite a bit longer than myself told me long ago... "Get what you want now, because once family comes along, it's much harder to obtain." (He actually told me this after I already had my car, but he was making a good point nonetheless, as I think we all see from this thread.)

I knew I wanted a vette from the first I can recall liking cars. Once I reached High School and the working age, I told myself that whereas everyone else rented limos for their prom, I wanted to drive a vette. On top of that, it would be MY vette, not a rented one. Well, 3 months before my 18th, I bought my vette. I found it at a corner gas station lot. I knew from the moment I saw it, I would have it. It was meant to be! :D Hell, I even gave the guy what he was asking. I didn't even try to get hm to come down at all! Of course, it was my first vette and I was a bit too excited to think that he might actually be willing to budge.

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