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Fix Exhaust Mistake?????



OK, I didn't look here before I went out and got crazy. Forgive me, I'm OLD and ain't got a lot of time left to enjoy the old 94 Coupe).
I bought a set of Flowmaster 40 mufflers from my local shop and had them installed ($203.00 total). They sound very good at idle and incredible when the pedal is pushed, HOWEVER, and there always is a however, the ole 1000 to 2000 rpm will rip your ears out. Unfortunately that is where I spend most of the time. I tried a rear balance pipe as was suggested through the forum but that made no difference.

I sure am open to any suggestions. If I have to tell the wife new mufflers are needed, I'll surely never hear the end of it. :(

As a by-product. What do you do with a 14 year old boy who would rather have a toyota that gets 41 mpg than a Vette. I've tried drowning (he learned to swim). I dropped him off a bridge and he bounced back, and lastly I left him in the back woods of Missouri at Christmas, and he finally found us. Should I give up and go to Vette Heaven or keep trying?

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Hey Dale, where ya been? Lotta Texans joining us lately here. :upthumbs

Since I run the side exhaust, I don't know what to tell you to do next with your exhaust resonance other than what you already know - buy new mufflers. ;)

Maybe someone else has come up with a solution by now. Good luck.

_ken :w
Beat and starve the kid, daily.

I think that might work.

(sheesh! Toyota over a Vette!)..I can see you've tried your best to change his mind. Maybe give my method a try?

btw, I'm Motherhood-challenged.
Exhaust Challenged.....

Hello Dale, from a fairly new member ! :w

short of new mufflers, the only thing I could suggest, would be to round up a factory GM exhaust resonator for your car, have a muffler shop weld that into your Flowmaster exhaust, and see if that does the trick. Otherwise, I can only recomend the 3 chamber Flowmasters ! The resonator is not as restrictive as it appears. It will however, eliminate the resonance which is aggravating you !

dale....friend of mine says to give the flowmaster folks a call...they can make some suggestions that might help--short of wearing earplugs and using sign language!

Flowmaster Tech can be reached at 1-800-544-4761.

I'm in San Antonio, too....so, if they're still too loud for you, let me know...I'd be glad to see if i could use them on my 95...if they'll fit
Kids today...OOYYYYEEEE

I'd say beat them regularly. If you don't knock some sence into them atleast you will feel better. :) You know you are gettin old when you start sayin thing like, "kids today" and "when I was young (back before electricity)". Besides, haven't you heard? Kids today know everything...just ask them. :L

I hope you exhaust your problems.
--Drew :w
If your willing to sacrifice a little Hp (like 5 or so) you can leave your mufflers and simply add another resonator to the Y pipe that'll mute down the Idle and driving a little but at the 1000-2000 Rpm your engine will be MUCH quiter and it'll will only cost ya about 75 bucks Installed to do so
Sounds DUMB but just remove the mufflers completely then drive your car.... I went thru
this on my 95 and I ended up just using the muffler elimators... Sound is not all that loud and I am getting no resonance... none...zero ..zilch.. with the flowmasters I got an earful

Bob Griffiths
You need resonators of some sort to break up the pipe lengths in your exhaust system. You're getting an "organ-pipe" effect, where the acoustic resonant frequency of the pipes matches the standing wave frequency of the cabin. Since the Flowmaster mufflers do nothing to attenuate that frequency, you need to change the effective pipe lengths. A resonator shouldn't increase the exhaust backpressure very much, certainly not enough to have a noticeable effect on horsepower.
BTW, now you have an answer to the question so many people ask: why didn't GM use low-restriction mufflers in the first place?

Best of luck,
Ive been looking for the muffler eliminaters and have had no luck finding them. Have you got a link to them? Please :)
Thanks for All th Advice

I'm trying to take everyones advice.

I backed over my raised patio trying to catch the kid to beat him for the day. Turns out he's bigger and stronger than me, Sorry 78SilvAnniv. I'll leave that for younger Pops.

I did end up with side exhaust, though it wasn't planned, thanks Ken. The wife beat the tar outta me.

If Newbie was watchin the news, he would have seen it. I did call Flowmaster as he suggested and after listening to 10 minutes of laughter, I took the hint.

As Drewser mention, back before electricity we didn't have this trouble, but it still took a lot of work pushing the Vette up hills.

Big Red - My wife told me she was going to add a resonator for me but I'm kind of scared where she might put it.

Bob327 has the right idea. After taking Ken's advice, I don't have to worry about mufflers anymore. The pipes, bent and unequal lengths, sound just like the organ Redbob mentioned, though don't sound quite as pretty as a church organ.

By the time I finish this project, I'll pass on the muffler eliminators to Maxrevs85. I call them potato's. They'll eliminate mufflers right quick.

Thanks folks, Ya'all are definitely appreciated.

Glad to hear it worked out for you Dale, just stay a little clear of the Missus for a while 'till she cools down a bit. She's gotta love how they look, eh? ;)

Did you get to talk to Joe Markovizc about the "Side Effects" before you bought 'em? He seems like a heck of a nice guy. :upthumbs

_ken :w
Side pipes ? Naaaa.....and no eliminators either......the humor was good though.......ahhhh to hell with it ...I'll probably do what I want anyways. :eyerole

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