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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
What are you using to keep the black trim molding clean and new looking?


And I thought it was just us old fogies the suffer from "Can't Remember ****" :L

See this post for my favorite: "Forever Black"

I'm using Mother's "Back to Black", works great!

Mothers Back to Black.....is awesome and to keep it clean and shiny....Meguiars Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner.
Me too.

Back to Black is great stuff.


I know I'm a little late to this thread but here goes - once you get the black color back, try the Meguires High Endurance tire gel. I use it on my Z24 and it lasts 6-8 weeks each time and the car is parked outside and driven daily. The fact that it's a gel is an added bonus, no drips or runs.
Ya know, I've tried them all, but it strikes me as curious that no one here has tried "Forever Black", or at least I haven't heard from anybody else using it.

I'm not trying to promote it, and I have no interest in the company, I'd just really like to know what y'all think about this stuff. I wanna know if you think as highly of it as I do. :gap

1987 Z51 said:
Ya know, I've tried them all, but it strikes me as curious that no one here has tried "Forever Black", or at least I haven't heard from anybody else using it.

Ken, I actually picked up a bottle of Forever Black. Tried it in a little test area so far. Seems to work awesome, but will stain the paint if you're not careful. One of these days soon I'm going to tape off my molding and do the whole car right:)

Hey, I warned you that it IS permanent dye. :L

Funny that you should bring this up Jay; I was just getting into my car a few minutes ago in the bright sunlight. I noticed how nice the door belt molding looked as I was getting in, and I thought about what I posted here. As far as I could tell, no one had tried it yet, or at least nobody responded with either pro or con, until now.

I thought to myself "Well, to hell with 'em. If they don't wanna try it and see how good it works, then to hell with 'em!" ;)

Seriously though Jay, it's pretty easy to wipe the excess off if you get it on your paint. I never masked my belt molding, or any other trim pieces for that matter. I even purposely got it on the paint when I did the rubber grommet around the antenna. As a matter of fact, I was doing the weatherstripping trim where the hood seals at the rear, just above the gill panel, and accidently squeezed too hard a POURED it down the entire gill panel. Talk about panic! But I actually got every bit of it off by simply wiping it away while it was wet still. Just be sure to catch it before it dries!

Wait until you try it on the plastic interior pieces, like the pieces around the roof holders. You're gonna be amazed. And the best thing about it is the ease with which it is applied. :cool

Alright already, I'm ordering some for my Z24 tonite so Ken can stop whining:cry. Once you stop whining, Ken, tell me if the cleaner that comes w/ the Forever Black kit is really necessary. Did you use it before applying the final stuff?
1987 Z51 said:
Cleaner? I don't remember no stinking cleaner! ;)
I'm guessing that means I dunn need it mang.

Geez, I hope I ordered the right freakin thing. Check this link and tell me what you think. The only other things I saw were the bedliner and tire gel.
I dunn need it mang.

For some reason that link didn't work. If it was your order confirmation page, it expired, but no problem. :cool

Did you order Item-no 52097, without the sponge ($12.99), or FOREVER BLACK TIRE GEL W/ APPLICATOR SPONGE, Item-no 52186 (also $12.99)? Either way, it's the same product. They didn't have the bed liner gel when I got my FB.

Whew, cool man, I got the right one. Thanks Ken!
Recieved it this weekend but haven't had time to use it yet. Looks like shoe polish, I'll let you know what I think if I ever have time to use it.
I'm beginning to sound like Tanzanite...

He's got Zaino, I've got Forever Black. :L



Shucks! I knew I shouldn't have propped it up for the "after" shot; too much reflection from the sun. I'll snap a couple of more to replace these when I re-install the wiper motor. ;)

1987 Z51 said:
Just be careful around the classic white...

Don't worry Ken, that stuff isn't going anywhere near the Vette. I got it for the Z24. The little black the vette has all looks pretty good already. Thanks for the warning though :D.
Ken, I just did my whole car.......Wow! Forever Black rocks! My molding looks brand new now :D


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