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formerly burnt79



Well I have had my handle changed I'm now the phoenix and my quest is to rise the burnt 79 from the ashes. I have a line on an 82 complete and running parts car.Now for all you NCRS guys don't look for me in any originality contests.I'm going to build a car on my original chassis that looks like drives like the original 79 I had before maybe better if thats possible.So if I use a76 this and an 81 that combine those with a few parts from 82 and 78, then freshen up the 68 Nova 327/325 SHPE and add new tires then paint it black I'll be pretty close.My car was and will be again a driver.I have owned it for 15 years
Sounds like a plan! You wont hear me berating anyone for not keeping their Corvette "original". I'm all for a little personalization!

The Phoenix Has SPOKEN


Sometimes you just gotta do what you WANT to do :cool:

A picture documentary of The Phoenix raising from the ashes would be fantastic.... hint .... hint...hint :D

Fly Baby, Fly!

The Phoenix was a bird........ Make it fly like an eagle!

A picture documentary, yea, yea!

Go Baby!

When you hit rock bottom there's only two ways to go...
Sideways and STRAIGHT UP!

Sky's the limit! I second the motion for a photo journal of the Phoenix's rise to glory!

Go for it!!

I'm all for saving any and all Corvettes from being parted when possible. If you need 2 or 3 to make one, all the better.:beer Might be the time to add some unique styling features to make it one of a kind.

Project 76, 78, 79, 82

Not every Vette has to be bone stock. There seems to be some unspoken rule out there that if it is Corvette it must be stock and original with matching numbers or it just AIN'T NO REAL VETTE. Your car should be what you want it to be and be used for what ever purpose you want. My club has a high percentage of show goers. I have MORE fun because I can jump in my car any time and take a drive. I don't have to worry about getting the motor dirty because of a show coming up. I say go for it. Especially if it is BLACK.:beer
Make it happen. Make those cars into one Vette..Get that good feeling cruising on down the highway.......

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