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Found another basket case


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
I guess I am a glutton (spelling?) for punishment. I have been eyeballing a maroon shark (thought it was a 73) for about a year now off of a major road in Jacksonville on my way to and from my favorite junk yard.

I stopped to look at it Saturday and noticed it has been for sale for a while.

It is actually a 72, 350, four speed, PW, PL, PB, PS ,A/C, tilt/tele, coupe. It has a nice looking aftermarkedt long cowl induction hood, cheap looking fender flares, side pipes, and a modified rear tail that is about 2" higher than normal.

It has a 1975 front clip, wide cheap rims and 15" tires. What amazes me is I can't find any of the typical "rust" problems on the frame, doors, around th windshield etc.

Years ago it must have been sweet because the whole rear suspesion is chrome plated. It has gathered considerable surface rust.

The front pop up lights have been removed in favor of some buckets with square lights.

Here is the big stinker. For some unknown reason, they cut out the rear deck of the car inside the sail panel portion, removed the stock rear window, put plywood on the deck and covered it with vinyl and then glued and screwed a piece of tinted plexi glass into the rear sail panel area. It makes it look like a long window hatchback. The problem is the plexi has been sun damaged, it has cracks and leaks all around it. For all I know, it has termites :(

It has had about three too many paint jobs and there are large silver dollar sized areas that have poped off and are peeling.

So, I call the guy anyway and leave him a message to call me back. The note on the rear window that has faded out says "must sell ASAP". No price listed.

I have not heard back from him yet. I should have snapped a pic so you could all enjoy.

Anyway, I am having great success with the electric headlight conversion and need a test mule to set up and drive for 6 months to a year or so and make sure they are reliable and safe. I thought I could get this piece of junk, trade somebody the bucket headlight conversion for some old ragged out stock pop up light assemblies and be off and running. (considering my 69 won't be roadworthy for that amount of time anyway).

Then, when I am done with the car I just sell it. No harm no foul.
The only problem is that dang rear window conversion. About the only thing I could do is section that out of another rear clip and bond it back in, or something?

I will keep you guys posted. At the least, I could snag the tilt/telle, pwr door, window, and brake assembly for my 69, clean it up and sell it. - if the price is right ;)
Finding a rear clip that has a good BODY should not be that much of a problem. If the chassis is good that might be a viable alternative.
Good luck.
Chris, it sounds like a good convertable conversion mule also. If you get it and get the headlights working like you want I might be interested in it when you are done. BTW, I have a good rear clip for a 76 and an 80, less bumpers........Steve PS< I would also be interested in the electric conversion when you are done......
The fellow still has not called me back.

I will wait until Wed. or so and call him again if no word.

Steve, I agree about just turning it into a convertible. I have a 78-80 rear clip as well-just missing the rear window.

I will let everyone know about the lights.


This sounds like your typical '70s custom. Too bad it wasn't stored inside. Just think, if you get this car you might be the first customer Orkin has had where they didn't have to make a house call.

Ahh, $5,500 OBO---or trade for a motorcycle.

Spoke with the owner today. He seems to be a really relaxed easy going fellow. He bought the car a couple of years ago and has just lost interest. It still has the same tank of gas :puke

He welcomed me to make an offer. I have to think this one through. Told him I will call him back later.

BTW-as noted above, he bought the car in the condition it is now. He does not know the history of the car or why some of the crazythings were done. He wanted to make a hot rod out of it, then the thrill of turn key fun caught his eye with a 91 six speed rag top.
Chris, you MUST be a glutton for punishment!

I have a question about your sig pic. What is that bright X-Files light at the bottom of your pic....?


Chris, I am still interested in the electric headlights, though :D .............Steve
Bright Light

78SilvAnniv said:
I have a question about your sig pic. What is that bright X-Files light at the bottom of your pic....?


I cheated on that photo. That is one of the original 35 mm photos I took of the car just before I bought it. This last Christmas I got a sweet Sony digital camera and took a picture of the picture. That bright light is background light from the ceiling light when I took the pic. I know it does not look so good. I need to get all my 35 mm photos on a c.d. then upload. I have about 50 more of the frame off process not posted on my photopoint link that are trapped in 35 mm form.
Re: $5500.00???????

ssvett said:
Chris, I am still interested in the electric headlights, though :D .............Steve

$5,500 is way too much for this car. I will let it rest for a day or two and make a reasonable offer on what I think it is worth.

I sent you a direct e-mail about the lights. Let me know what you think.
Re: Bright Light

Chris McDonald said:
I need to get all my 35 mm photos on a c.d.

Chris, I don't know what it takes to get your images on a CD, but if you pick up an inexpensive scanner you won't regret it. Then you can scan a photo anytime you wish. ;)


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