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Man I am so geeked about the new 700r4 tranny I just had installed. With the new 3.54 gears and now I have overdrive to give me better gas mileage, all I can say is FREAKIN' WOOHOO!!!!!!!!:D

The new crossmember from http://www.bowtieoverdrives.com/ is definately worth the wait, it's not a big bulky thing like the stock one, this is a nice custom tubular crossmember. It comes painted black but is going to get powdercoated as soon as I drive the tires off this weekend, they also supplied a new mount bushing but I had a poly one already.

Here's the link to some pictures and more info http://www.sharkwerkes.com/sharktank/tech2/tranny1.html I'll be at a big Vette show all day but I'll post more info and pics on Sunday....gotta go drive fast! :D
Here's an update on the performance of the new tranny.

I finally got the console put back together and installed a few more parts like fan switch and a shiny new shifter ball. Cleaned up Ol' Red and took her out for a few miles on the highway, all I can say is that having overdrive is great! No more of going 70mph and seeing the tach at 3300rpm's and hoping the poor old motor wouldn't explode (105K miles and no rebuild). I think I need to put a few hundred miles on it before it's good and worn in but so far the shifting is very crisp and even with the dog motor it will still chirp the tires in 1-2 and 2-3 shifts, can't really drive around in OD in town as the motor doesn't have much power when the rpm's drop. On the highway I would estimate I can cruise right along and only hit about 1800-2000 rpm's.....that's a nice drop from 3300. So far the lock-up feature works as advertized, and I haven't experienced any 3-4-3-4-3-4 shifting that some people get with a 700r4. The best thing besides having a nicer tranny is gas mileage should drastically improve.

Now I have to find the time and $$$ to get a nice aluminum console made up, I really hate those cheap @$$ cardboard panels and the top panel is on it's last few days as well.

Scott, I am easily seeing 22mpg in my '70 with the 700!!!! I get better MPG than my '91 Maxima!!!!

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