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fresh air for the carb


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Mar 18, 2003
Going too fast over the hill.
Not as elegant as 67heaven's hood, but it will do.

A few years ago, when I noticed the stinger on the underside of the hood let the fan recycle hot air over the top of the A-C hood seal, I stuffed a piece of foam in the stinger above the hood support to fill the gap. That not only helped city A-C engine heat, but also kept the bugs from pouring in over the top of the rad at highway speeds.
However, it didn't help the carb get fresh air.
I just replaced the foam plug with a sheet of aluminum that plays the same role as the foam, and funnels the air from in front of the rad back toward the carb. If the c3s, c4s, c5s, and c6s cal get fresh air from in front of the rad, nonFI c2s should also be able to do it.
No holes, no cuts, no glue:

The extended aluminum rain shields that I installed years ago, require a BB hood, but the center duct does not.

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