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From F45 to Z06 shocks possible


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May 16, 2004
Upper Marlboro, MD
2001 Blk Coupe
From F45 to Z06 shocks possible?

Well, as I guessed in my other post, my f45 shocks have died. If I replace them with z06 shocks (or Bilsteins) will the car throw a code because its looking for the electronic f45 shocks and worse, will it put the car in sometype of safety mode? I'd like to do the upgrade but am worried about the possible effects and my vette guy isn't sure what will happen. Anyone know for sure?


I am very sure you will have to turn the elec adjustable suspension off using the Tech 2. I do not have this suspension but I have heard of people doing this when their elec adjust shocks die and they put on regular shocks...

You may also consider putting on the Z06 FE4 front and rear sway bars. I just did and it is sweet!

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