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FS: Vinci handheld programmer



Thanks 1BAD80! :)

I have a Vinci High Performance handheld programmer for sale.

It fits:

1999-2004 Corvette
1999-2002 Camaro/Firebird V8
2004 GTO

This is very similar to the one marketed by Crane, but with some slight internal changes regarding torque management...according to Vinci. It allows many changes by the user and takes all but about 10 minutes to re-tune/re-flash your car's ecm. Very, very simple to use with it's on screen prompts. Also allows user to view and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes that may be stored.

As far as tuning, it allows changing/altering of:

MPH limiter (Can be set to Unlimited)
Tire height / Axle ratio correction (for gear swaps or non stock tire sizes)
Change cooling fan ON temperature
Power enrichment (add or subtract fuel by up to 15%)
Shift Spark Advance (add or subtract total spark advance up to 10%)
7 Different base tunes (all can be tweaked to your preference)
Idle RPM (raise idle rpm up to 300 rpms over stock)
Increase Fuel Injector size (up to 120%)
Enhance transmission shifting (Raises A4 shift rpms by 300, or eliminates CAGS on stick car)
Enhance trans. Firmness (Makes A4 tranny shift harder)

The Vinci tuner also eliminates "torque management" in A4 cars, which means the factory's timing retard at shift points is removed making for full power shifts.

You can also go back to STOCK tuning at any time.

Here's the link to Vinci's website, for more info:

http://www.vincihighperformance.com/TUNER INFO PAGE.HTML

Vinci High Performance has these on sale right now for $425.99
Summit sells the CRANE version for $429.95


The only reason I am selling this tuner is because plans have already changed for my car, and I'll probably be better suited to custom dyno-tuning in the very near future. It is UNLOCKED and ready to ship. "Unlocked" means the stock tune has been put back into my car, and the Vinci is ready to custom tune your car.

My price is $300 SHIPPED to anywhere in the Continental USA. It will be shipped via FEDEX, insured and with FEDEX tracking number.
Can ship to Canada, but it will be $25 more, and it will be through the United States Post Office with no way of tracking (according to them)

I prefer PAYPAL.

I can take pics of the tuner for anyone who provides an email address, but it looks exactly like the one in the links above.


PM returned

PayPal is the same as my email address above...

I can ship it tomorrow, if paid for today. :upthumbs


Got it George.

It will ship tomorrow via FEDEX and you'll get an email directly from them with tracking info.

Thank you. :beer

Nice ride btw! :upthumbs

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