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Fuel additive

Don D

Active member
Oct 30, 2020
Gridley IL
2019 super sport
Has anyone used a fuel additive in their 2019 6.2 Grand Sport? What is recommended?
The only fuel system additive I use is "BG 44K." It's a fuel system cleaner. I put it in all my cars once a year.
I had the dealer recommend injector cleaning and posted about it here. I don't want to put words in his mouth, but my recollection is that GMJunkie responded that it wasn't necessary and to simply run a bottle of Techron through it when the oil is changed.
Thanks! I used Techron in my 1998 corvette. Had a mechanic recommend Lucus over Techron??
Add a 12 oz bottle of Techron ~every 5000 miles... It has been reported to keep sulfur deposits from forming on the sender rheostat...
Thanks for the info. Used Techron in my 1998 with good luck.
Has any one used Sea Foam ? I have had good luck with it in my lawn and garden tools

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