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Fuel Injection is on the way!


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Fuel Injection is HERE!!!!!!!!!

The Pro Flow system was on the front porch when I got home. If you have been reading the Humor Mill, that is porch not porsche or Ferrari..............

Anyway, as and extra bonus, Pargon delivered on my front and rear bumpers, brackets, lenses, trim, etc, and Mid America had the drop shippment of some more brackets and trim.

I was just adding up like $4,500 in parts laying on the living room floor.

I will be busy this weekend.
Chris....Thats the one you been waiting for the FI unit! Know you had an ear to ear grin seeing that package! Should be on the motor this weekend & a pic taken to share...hint...hint!!!!!!!!
Hmmmmmmm, now if I could just get the pistons I could pop it on the block this weekend. Instead, I have quite a bit of home work cut out for me to integrate the computer and harness.
This is why I went with Edelbrock. It comes with a custom calibration module so I can tweak it in without the need for a lap top computer and extra expense.

Thanks to you Chris, my Q-jet looks a little crusty to me now!
Nice looking piece of equipment. Enjoy!!!!
Your engine should really be impressive with that unit sitting on top.
Chris I probably missed out somewhere along the line but why did you decide on a 454 eng vs a 427 engine ???


Oh yeah,,,, nice looking pooch

I would be more than happy to trade my cross-fire injection system off my 82 for that system hehehe

You might be able to convince your wife that is ok to have the dog guard your FI on the couch but I'll bet she draws the line when you take it to bed tonight.

resto75 said:
Your engine should really be impressive with that unit sitting on top.
Chris I probably missed out somewhere along the line but why did you decide on a 454 eng vs a 427 engine ???


Oh yeah,,,, nice looking pooch

Hey, thanks,

I choose the 454 because it choose me. Up until now I did a lot of trading and sweat equity to get stuff for the car. One of those trades of my time and effort to put a friend's 69 road race car together landed me the 454 with a steel crank. So, I also am duplicating Edelbrocks .060 over 454 that made 539 hsp using a carb and the same intake manifold. They said the Fuel Injection was good for another 10-15% of go power. Plus it is easier in the long run to dial it in to peak power. That power tuning module and the timing area all I have to worry about to max out the power curve.

Tom..........it was not so bad, but I bruised my inner thigh on the fuel rail last night. Plus, it was impossible to substitute for a pillow, so I think I am going to have to put the engine together and get it in the car soon. The car is so much easier to sleep in than the bed full of all my parts. :L And to think, I was just getting use to curling up to the Aluminum heads and then this thing had to come along.
Parts House

Well Chris some people have antiques, some have dolls, some have plates, some have flowers,some have nic nacks decorating their homes. You have auto parts. Does that make you any different.

My wife has all these little fancy painted plates she collects. I have no use for them, there too small for a piece of pizza or a sandwich, I can't think of any good use for them.I also don't know how much they cost. Theres probably another vette hanging on the wall in the form for plates.

Keeps her happy

yes our cross-fire injection has been a good system aside from no performance parts available for it thats my only complaint about it .... running wise never had a problem with it

They should make hard parts softer. That does look like a nice unit. Of all the articles I've read on these aftermarket EFIs I think the Edelbrock is the best. (Most comfortaable too. :L)

Racer78 said:
Are you thinking aftermarket EFI for the 59?

Keith, he should start doing more than just "thinking" about it! He's been "thinking about it" for thirty years now. :L

_ken :w

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