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Fuel Pumps. Which one?



I have an 84 with a suspected fuel pressure issue (w/stock pump). I have looked at a few pumps online and I am stuck between a 85-whatever in-tank pump and a hypertech in-line pump. I am stupid and dont know the pros and cons between the two.
Any suggestions or stories before I venture into this?
Fuel Pumps, which one?

There are lots of sources for fuel pumps but I have one rule that has never failed me. If it is something that can leave me out in the wilds somewhere I get if from the dealer. I bought a fuel pump from an after market place for my '86 and it did not work exactly right from the start. Before it was over it had left me in the middle of a freeway crossing with no power. From then on I buy any potential problem failure from the dealer. I know that lots of you guys have hot rigs that the dealer don't support but for stock applications (and if you don't like doing it more than once) the dealer parts usually work the first time. I know there are exceptions to every rule but I have never had a dealer part failure.
In regards to installing an in-line version though, do you retain the original or scrap it? And if you retain it, and it isnt working as par, will it not make any difference?

I think that made sense...
Go for the Delco 85+ pump w/ new strainer (using old one voids warranty!)

It's an almost bolt-in pump. You only need to splice the stock wiring (inside the tank) and connect it w/ scotch blocks (or heat shrink)

You can find a complete installation walk-thu here:


( http://www.crossfire.webhop.net = the Cross-Fire Injection Vault )


Danke! I hope this solves all of my issues with this thing!

I mean, really, I drive a Vette that I am afraid to go WOT in. That just doesnt seem right.
That's just plain WRONG :)
O.E.M, O.E.M, O.E. M, there are good after market pumps out there for special high performance needs. But in my experiences the pumps you buy at the local discount auto parts stores are doomed to fail. I've had them fail in not only GM products but in the F-word, Mopar, and Jeep vehicles as well. Here's how it shakes out. The discount parts houses will warranty the pump but the dealer will not warranty the labor. When you use O.E.M. parts the part and labor is covered under warranty for at least one year. Hope this helps

I just bought a Delco 85-87 pump from Ecklers. Hope it works!

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