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FYI - Edelbrock 1407 carb tuning



I used the edelbrock "420 hp Bowtie" buildup article on their website as a starting point for my engine, including their model 1407 "weber/carter" carb.
After the engine was completed I never really felt I was getting all the horses to a full gallop after 4000 rpm and it didn't feel eager to go past 5500.
Edlebrock was a real pain in the butt to deal with. They held back info like it was a the formula for coca-cola.
Finially I changed the standard SECONDARY jets to .113's.
My god what an improvement. I still have to do a little work on the transition but when it does transition I get instant wheelspin in first and second at almost any RPM and it screams to 6500 (self imposed limit). As there is NO information anywhere I can find on this I thought it would be helpful to you "modify" responders to the poll.

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