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gas fumes



In CA, I found and had repaired an old line above the gastank that was leaking onto the mufflers! In WA, I encountered the fume prob again, but the longest drive I ever took was 35min, so I made sure the tank was never below half.
I will have much more warm weather here in GA, and am facing a 7-8hr drive to Bowling Green,KY this summer. I am smelling fumes when the air temp is 80+, and the tank is below half. I want to fix this before my trip.
Today I looked for an evaporative purge canister and ddn't see one. I know what the one in my Olds looked like. I also have an unvented gas cap and checked for leaks from the carburator-none visible.
What do I look for? :confused

Check your fuel pump when the diaphragm goes they will leak fuel from the bottom holes also check your rubber fuel line hoses..
The vapor storage canister is located in the left front fender well. It is low in the well and blocking the outlet in the left fender. If you figure how to get that ****** out of there please post the information. I've been using long needle nose pliars to connect and disconnect the vacuum lines at the canister, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove it to replace the filter.:confused

Sliver, I could smell gas but could not find any leaks. One day I had the car on stands and had my wife start the car and gas just poured out of the fuel pump. I bet you have the same problem if not it would be a good idea to replace it anyway. $16 at auto zone.

Roy is the winner!

Found the source of my gas fume problem!
(No, it wasn't BEANS!)

It is a cracked 'S' hose connecting the fuel line to the pump. No leaks from the pump. Have both hoses ordered and waiting delivery....

I did locate my canister, and it IS in a difficult place to access! I don't know what to tell you, 79Toy.

Thanks everyone for your input.


I'm glad that you found your fuel leak so you can get it fixed. Fuel leaks and plastic hot rods are a scary thing.

If you haven't done so and you still have original rubber
transmission hoses that connect to the radiator I would replace those too. Needless to say you should replace water hoses if they are the originals or several years old. Just preventive maintenance to avoid problems.Glad it was the fuel line hoses as that fuel pump is a bear to change......
belts & hoses

I tend to check these fairly regularly and replace them when I see signs of wear. I don't know how the fuel line got by me...? Sneaky bugger, I guess.
I appreciate all the tips on where to look. Thanks y'all!


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