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George Barris dies at age 89.


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Mar 29, 2014
Columbus, NC/NE Georgia
1997 boosted silver coupe
I never cared for his cars, but I loved George. I met him a couple times, and he was a hoot, and loved his fans. RIP George.
I never cared much his work either; however, his abilities with metal were impressive.

I never heard of his brother Sam; have you?

"Sam as a really talented man. He didn't need to have anybody helping him. He could do it all by himself. Everything. He could do the moldings, the chrome, the fit, lead work, paint work, everything. He could cut and weld pot-metal windwings for top chops. Something nobody else in the shop could do"

His last complete custom:

There were a few of his creations from the early 60''s that I liked, and his ability to "mash the metal" was something out of the ordinary.
RIP George... You brought the world much joy and some very strange-looking cars...

George excelled at making the unimaginable... imaginable and tangible.

His taste wasn't for everyone- but the guy was good at what he did. :thumb

Thanks George for being the guy who made so many of the cars of my childhood!

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