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Getting Stingray Back...Finally!!!!!

GS Diva

Nov 1, 2000
Conway, SC
2016 Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic Z06
We just got the call that we can pick up my husband's 74 Stingray convertible tomorrow!! :s It has been in the body shop since December 12 for a complete exterior "facelift"!!:) I had posted some pictures of the "work in progress" but haven't personally seen it since December. Alan has been there very regularly, though! Will post some "after" pictures soon! Honestly, this is like the birth of a new child!! :love

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
The 74 is (re-) Born

Do you have a name for the child? Hope it's good-lookin'. Wait a minute, it's a Vette - it'll be gorgeous. :)
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The Stingray looks fabulous!!! Well worth the wait! We're going to set up chairs in the garage and just look at it for a while this morning!:s Then it will be detailing, detailing, detailing as we hope to take it to NH tomorrow (or Monday if they cancel for rain) for an all-Corvette show. Both cars will be entered...so wish us luck!!:J


Tell Alan I don't know how he made it that long. I just got the Nutmeg out of the shop after only a week for the brake and A/C fix. I drove by the shop every lunch time and on the way home just to see it (and be sure it was still there). I'm a happy Nut now. Too bad it's gonna rain for the next 4 days. Figures.

....... Nut
Things are getting back to Normal.. eh

Lemon Peel aka Elaine & Alan,

I hope your car show goes off without the "Stupid RAIN" and you both come home with the GOLD.

From you post Lemon I would love to judge your car. I bet it is a 10. Is this an NCCC judging? You two enjoy and let us know how the Show turns out, and pictures if you get 'em...
Getting Stingray Back...Finally!!!

Lemon Peel,

I hope you both do well at the show! Be sure and let us know! I'm sure the 74 is BEAUTIFUL! :w
Vette Shows & Rain

Bummer about the weather! I got rained on last weekend at the Front Royal, VA NCRS judging event. I had to drive 65 miles with the top up to get to the show. Boy how I hate when that happens.

Good luck with yours - new paint ought to help. It's got to look fabulous. Let us all know how it goes. My first ever NCRS judging was that show last weekend and I learned a lot about my car, lemme tell ya! To wit: the radiator fan is facing the wrong way. Yikes! I have a 427 which can generate some heat, so this is an important repair I need to get on top of, eh?

Stay dry. Oh - ever use Rain-X on the windshield? I tried it and would recommend it.
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Hi everyone!
The NH Corvette show is still on hold for tomorrow...rain date is Monday which doesn't look good, either! Hey...we'll take it as it comes...what else can we do?!

We were up early and totally cleaned both cars. We don't do NCCC or NCRS shows; they're just "show 'n shines" and are judged on condition and cleanliness. They go ALL over my car (Super Street class), inside, outside, underneath...everywhere except under the hood. Alan will be showing his in "Street" class (judged 3' away from the car, windows up, doors closed), strictly exterior but also for cleanliness and condition. His car really looks great so I know it won't be long before he tackles the interior!:)

Oh well, if this show cancels this weekend, there's another one next Sunday...and the next Sunday, and the next Sunday!!! This is our life at this time of year!!:crazy

Congratulations on your new child coming home, Elaine. :) I'm really looking forward to seeing the after pictures. Good luck to you and your husband on Monday, if it doesn't rain. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

Wow! Paint!


Congrats on getting the '74 home. I can feel the excitement from here. I honostly don't remember what my '59 looked like with paint on it. You are so lucky.

Good luck on the show.

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