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Glory of Vette....


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Well I am sad to say after six weeks of owning my dream car it was broken in to last night....
They tryed for my new Cd Player but ended up just destroying my entire wood grain and real dash they stole my amp speakers but the best is yet to come....

They didnt break the window they pryed the lock then procceded to jimmy the window seal (destroying it all passengers side)
Plus scratched and chips paint off everywhere

Body shop is painting the roof, Quarter panel, Door and rear window bezel

Total Dmg on body and console--3000$
Total goods stolen--2000$

But my insurance company has been outstanding they have given me a "carplance"(forgive spelling) attitude it is all being reapired as I type

So I guess the Clutch and Rack and Pinion will have to wait a bit
however this calls for an ALARM

Guys and Gals did I find the perfect alarm for a vette owner! it is a Clifford Alarm it all great does the whole bells and whistles thing but the most important feature I found on it was a PAGER..WOW when that alarm goes off my keychain SCREAMS!!
that way I know whats the status on the car it even has a little display moniter on the keychain.....sold!

Bad new I guess is that those seals are MEGA BUCKS!!
Good news is I needed new ones anyway especially on that side!

anyway thought id share my findings on alarms with you all keeping in mind I dont wish this on anybody~:cry
Damn, sorry to hear about the break-in. That really bites. :( Keep us posted on the progress. I'm sure you'll get her back as good as new. Also, let us know how that Clifford alarm works out after you've had a chance to spend some time with it.

I've always been leary of aftermarket alarms, but if they work...then they're definitely worth their weight in gold. Good luck!
I am very sorry to hear about the break-in. :( I wasn't aware of the fact that such things happened in Edmonton. I, for some reason, always picture that place as peaceful and secure. Alberta at least. :love

As for the aftermarket alarms, I have a "Raptor". It has all the bells and whistles, although I didn't opt for the pager alert. I have been very satisfied with it. :cool
Ya know as much as I love Edmonton..... I would never discredit Alberta I do love it here but Calgary or Mountain regions is where to be. they are beautiful but Edmonton (dunno if anyone has ever been) is a Dirty low budget city it really is

You see Edmonton is the "Blue Collar" city lots of industrial and so forth

Calgary is the "white Collar" city where these industrys are ran from the pearl towers in the sky Lol I used to live there but occupation moved me out and back here

So any Vacationers please go to Calgary the North or mountains just Skip this dirty little place called Edmonton
BigRed said:
...is the "Blue Collar" city lots of industrial and so forth

Whoa, careful now; I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA area (western Pennsylvania), as "blue collar" as it gets. ;)

Oh no thats not what I meant at all =) Im personally a Pipefitter what I mean is Edmonton is acutally Really! Dirty you cant keep nothing clean the town IS ALWAYS under construction bad roads water maines.... Ive heard PA and most other US major citys are really nice just that Edmonton (besides that oversized Zoo of a mall) is just really dead! Im going to Montana this summer to have some open road fun and hopefully make it to California through Portland (I love Portland Really clean! not so depressing to look at)

Calgary uses way better money managment they use concrete base for their ashpalt we use gravel they in general have more money than Edmonton but the Tax and Pop lvl is about the same

(Besides the crime problem ahem)
By the way Ken I looked at your site a few times....
LOL!! I loved it I like how you used step by step pages
question: was that crash after or before Mods on your exhaust? curious cause I was looking into it but whoa mega moola required!
BigRed said:
...was that crash after or before Mods on your exhaust?

Thanks for the compliments BigRed.

I installed the exhaust system long after the crash; I think I put them on in '98.

Is there a webiste for clifford alarms .. i might be interested in one too. I keep my corvette in the garage when i am not driving it ,, when i first got it I left it in the driveway overnight nad someone stole the mag cap that has a corvette emblem on it... i fiquire it was a kid that liked it and just took it..
Originally posted by BigRed
and hopefully make it to California through Portland (I love Portland Really clean! not so depressing to look at)

If you ever make it to Portland let me know! Vancouver is about 30 seconds from Portland. And your right, it is a beautiful city.

I'm sorry to hear about your 'Vette. Some people have no respect for a fine automobile:mad. Clifford is definatly the way to go for alarms though. Eventually that is what is going on my GS.

Well I did my shopping today I found my alarm... it isnt Clifford the Rep (who also carried Clifford) said he has one in his car and he hates it he named a bunch of reasons like it doesnt listen sometimes and so forth he reccommended a alarm called an Ungo

Ungo is made by clarion and the model I picked is 585 Cnd and it has 3000Ft range Car starter power hatch power locks shock sensor (I think movement to) and best of all it also has a Pager!! that has a 3000 ft range he demonstrated it to me that little pager just screams!!! thats what I need so I told him sold! and its a god deal considering that price is.....INSTALLED!!! he said people pay to much for Viper and Clifford name he figured but this little beauty is going in my car for sure

Also if anyone knows car audio I also choosed a amp called a

Sony Mobile ES XM-5775
Five channel 90x4 and I think 180 or 220X1
list 1300Cnd

Rock and Roll!! Plus I have Ordered a new dash kit!!!!(from my newly accuired Ecklers Catalog).......That the BODY GUY STOLE!!!
Lol oh well I'll have to get it back (hes the one doing the ordering)

MUCH better day today! DRIVE ON!:beer

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