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glove box



I have been from one end of my car to the other and I can't get simple little chrome knob to go back on my glove box?
I remember that it took me quite some time to get my glovebox lock off and reinstalled. I would offer suggestions and tips, but I can't remember how I did it. I think I just stared at it until it came off. Good luck!


thanks 79toy...

--wheew!! Wasted 2hrs fidigiting and scratching my noggin, like "80convertible" eluded to, and was just reaching for the welding-torch when a lill'birdie alighted upon me'sholder and said-- simply go to your faithful corvetteActionCenter.com -website and look-up "glovebox lock", --and dang if "79Toy" did'nt have a swell link to some pictures he took showing just how to go about removing the Glovebox's blasted-lock!! --BLESS YOU my son!!! Have just printed-out your xlnt.pictures, so it back to the task (less the torch, -just a specially shaped wire! )...
~Bob Vonheck
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