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Good advise.



As an former owner of two midyear Corvettes and now a 1993 coupe I would like to make a few comments.
I do like all the Corvette websites but sometimes have to chuckle about some of the well meaning but useless advise and articles.
Like the one about changing the outside weatherseal on the doors without taking the inside door panel apart which IMHO is a bad thing to do and you may end up ruining your door panel.
Another thing I just loooked in a Corvette zine and there was an article about changing the power antenna on a C4 with the suggestion to cut the wires and taping them rather than disconnecting them at the source which is a little more work.
I am a retired aircraft machinist and my advise is buy a proper manual and follow it, that way you keep your car original and in good working condition.
Another thing is my advise is free and not $10.00 a call plus which is a first class ripoff, mind you maybe when this guy was working at GM the were not paying him much and he needs the cash.
Don't mean to offend anybody just give you all my two cents worth.
Be cool and keep smiling.
Theres two ways to do everything.

Your advice is "sound"........
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I agree with you, Rabbit and Len's asessment of doing it correctly the first time. I can get kind of anal about it sometimes. Just ask my Buddy BLACKDOG :D

Welcome aboard. I look forward to your comparison's between your previous "MidYears" and your '93 esp. as you tackle repairs, and any engine work.. Enjoy the ride.
I have to agree.
Whenever I have cut and taped wires,
it sometimes comes back to haunt you.
Maybe a year or two later, it either corrodes, or dis-connects.
I have found it best in all automotive work to solder and heat shrink tubing
whenever you can.
Then it is done forever.

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