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Good engine shop in Houston?


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Apr 30, 2002
Houston, TX
1977 Black L-82 4-speed
Hello all!

I'm looking for a good engine shop in Houston (preferably North Houston) to do some tuning of my 77 and possibly a rebuild. There is a local chevy shop called Angel's Auto but they don't specialize in Vette's and I'm not to sure about their know-how. I really need someone to dyno my car and help me get the timing/torque curve set up correctly. The last shop I took it too did the timing without the vacuum advance so now I can't run with the vacuum advance hooked up because the engine gets too much advance. Any info. on a reputable shop with some personal experience would be greatly appreciated.



Most of the advertising done in the Yellow Pages are by bolt-on shops. I mean, they might have some good mechanics, but it's a bit hard to find the guys who know what they're doing with older cars like ours. Stay away from places like Motorsport Technologies. Nothing against them, but they think they're John Lingenfelter. A buddy of mine was not impressed by their B.S.

Did you try talking to anyone at Competition Sales off of North I-45? They might know someone in that area. How about local rodders around town? I'm sure the racers off of Mitsubishi Rd. on Saturday nights, over by Intercontinential Airport, know someone. I'll try to make it to a local hang-out tonight and see if anyone has advice on a wrench hand.


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