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I am viewing the CACC for the last time and wanted to say thanks to all that have helped me and all the have became my friend. you are great people and I am proud to own a "corvette' LIKE YOU..

What??? Huh???

? ? ? ? Goodbye ? ? ? ?
I don't get it?

I don't get it? Another CACC started a thread in last few days titled "sold the vette" ... apparently, it was merely a joke. Is this thread in the same vein?
Did anyone figure this one out yet??? I"M very confused and kinda sad.............
What's going on??

CSCarlson, What's going on?? I know that you have some problems with your vette, but that doesn't mean you have to leave us, does it??:confused Please talk to us.:W:
CSCarlson, I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that you are a "Government Worker" as stated in your profile. I can certainly understand how the government can break you down after awhile, and I hope the reason you're leaving us isn't due to this.

If there are other things going on here that make you think of leaving, I sincerely hope it brings you peace. I may be reading too much between the lines, or I may simply be mistaken; transposing your leaving into what I interpret as a final goodbye. I've often wondered what effect a suicide note would have on the Internet community. :(

If you are gone, we will miss you. I was looking through some of your old post. It is amazing how we can support and help each other from afar. We don't practice our hobby in a vacuum. Having other people to share our adventures with makes the experience that much sweeter.

We hope you check back from time to time. I sold my last Fiero well over a year ago and still frequent the Fiero Forum.

Good luck.

Keep waving.

Gee 1987 Z51, I hope your wrong about the Final Goodbye! The last posts I saw from CSCarlson were upbeat and positive about getting his Vette up and running again.

72 Bluz
Anyone have any idea what happened?:confused Last post I saw was really up-beat, because he had his car running again and was very pleased. Don't guite understand this one.

don't think anything suiscidal it ain't that... thanks for the concern anyway,,,things in my life have changed...
Well regardless of what has changed in your life CSCarlson....you will always be welcome here in the Community.
I thank everyone there at the CACC and still look forward to hearing from you if you wish to e-mail me. I have things to deal with in my life that is gonna limit my time. and my dreams of a 2003 corvette are gone because of the lastest changes in my life and i am trying real hard to keep my '80 vette, but who knows.. thanks for your offer for me to visit.
Good Luck & God Bless CS

I'm saddened by your last post. I know we all won't agree on certain things and that's an interesting part of this site. I know we had differences on what a Corvette should look like, how it should be kept and cared for, but I KNOW we all agree on wishing you the best in your future. I was feeling a touch of severity in what may have changed in your life, not letting you dream of a 2003 or keeping what you have now. Try to keep one thought in your mind as you deal with what life may have in store for you and yours, at one point in time, your first Corvette was a dream too. If we lose our ability to dream, laugh and love, we have lost much more than three words. I sincerely wish you the best, may God Bless You and Yours.
We hate to see you go.

Life changes. Stuff happens. As Rob said you are always welcome here and considered a friend. None of us want to stick our noses into your business but if you want to talk about anything or just visit with your friends just PM any one of us.

Good luck in the future,


Good luck to you with whatever life has dealt you. Don't be so quick to give up on your dreams....things have a way of turning around.
ditto to all the above

Best wishes to you, Carlson.
Keep coming back. A dose of CACC can brighten anyones day!

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