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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
Now if we can get all the Callaways to sign in and let us know what you have :beer
Where Callaways exclusive to the C4?
How many Callaways were actually produced?
yes there exclusive to C4's. don't have production numbers. but there where offered as a GM RPO code from 87-91... B2K option Twin turbo's. After that they were all SuperNatural cars
The B2K RPO option code is listed for each model in the specification section.
Any performance numbers on the Callaways? What are the obvious exterior differences when you've seen a Callaway?
most have opted for the complete Areobody kit, but I would rather have the stock looking body style, there really is no way of telling without opening the hood. The stock corvette badging on the outside at the nose and fuel cover have been replaced with callaway badging. and inside on the console above the shifter the is another callaway plate. Another way you can tell from the outside on supernatural cars are the exhaust tips the stock single square LT1 style have been replaced with duel outlets. Brembo brakes are another close look at a 5k option from Callaway, most people won't go out and just install them. On the B2K cars the tell-tale turbo scoops in the hood , not sure if the B2K have and aerobody kits like the SuperNaturals or not, but I'm sure they have some kind of ground efects. If you go to www.callawaycars.com you can find out most of your questions and they do have a few B2K 'sfor sale as well as newer supernaturals with the aerobody kit:)
Callaway TT numbers

497 total Twin-Turbos were built from 1987 to 1991
1 Malcom Konner Tw-Turbo 1986 model special edition
1 Supernatural ZR1 Tw-Turbo - 1994 model
1 Tw-Turbo SE Convertible - 1988 model - Registry showcar
1 Sledgehammer Corvette
10 Callaway Speedster - Twin Turbo setup

As to the number of retro-fited Twin Turbos done in the Callaway 500 program, our best estimates come in around 10 - 15 units.

All this info will be listed along with everything you wanted to know about Callaway cars by Rob here on the CAC in the very near future. I am sending him data, history, numbers, and pictures.

Have a great day,

BullWinkle said:
Where Callaways exclusive to the C4?
How many Callaways were actually produced?

The most famous Callaway's were the 87-91 B2K Twin Turbo cars. 87's had the tell tale NACA scoops on the hood and 91's had raised bubbles on the hood for thier intercooler's. the 88-90 TT's should have a "flat hood" and got their intercoolers fed by under hood channels. Some Callaway's got body "kit's" such as Greenwood and the likes however, begining in Mid 1989 Callaway introduced it's AEROBODY Kit and was placed on TT's as early as car # 89-005 (although that may have been a pre production version) An interesting side note on Callaway bodies... In 1988 Callaway offered another kit which looked amazingly like the GTO kit from GM and was visible in their brochures (I do have pic's but alas, no scanner)
Callaway began the Supernatural cars in 92 after the TT's production ceased however, these were done through Callaway themselves and not a GM "option" as the Twin Turbo's were. Once the C5 came about in 97, Callaway shifted gears and is building the Callaway C12 (See Callaway's website for more info on that car)
Calalway has built over the years, some awesome machines including many based on corvettes however, he has also built VW's, Aston's, and recently, A CALLAWAY Range Rover.
I hope this sorts out some of the mystique involving these awesome machines.
Enjoy, *89x2*
Callaway's were not exclusive to the C4's, as they did produce, and continue to create the C5-based Callaway C12. The basic platform of the C5 is used, however it is completely re-skinned, beefed-up motor (heads/cam/tuning).

If one is purchased, it will remain a "Corvette" on the title, and does not list Callaway on the Title/Registration.

As for performance, I've only seen one other callaway perform at the strip, and it was a '87 Twin-turbo. Unfortunately, it was an extremely hot day and the best it did was a 14.0 @ 100 on street tires. I doubt it was running in top shape.

I have made numerous runs over the past few years, recently running my best 1/4 mile at 12.278 seconds. This was done on regular street tires, factory gears, etc - right from Callaway. Recently, my trap mph was low (all of last year)..... I pulled my O2 sensors a few weeks ago, and one was completely shot, thereby allowing the car to run excessively rich (reason for black smoke out of the exhaust)......and least I hope so......

I will be out at the track in the next few weeks, looking to run a 12.0 @ 117+ if I've solved my problems; I've been chasing it for a while....
I've got Twin Turbo #37 from 1987. This car has had the turbo "update", cooling system "update", and the aerobody installed about 2 years after the initial purchase.

I have yet to dyno the car, and I'm not just saying this, but this car will start slipping the tires in 3rd gear on a straight stretch of pavement. This is with 55" of boost showing ~3500rpm. Now the tires are the 275/50 16" variety. Certainly small for a car that's probably hitting 600ft/lb torque. 315/40's might hold the back end down a little better! Lots of fun to say the least!

The car was initially purchased at a Chevy dealer in N.Y.... with the B2K option shown on the agreement of sale. The car left for Callaway then for the motor conversion. So, as read in another post... Callaway does not show on the title. It's still a GM VIN...

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