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Griffin or BeCool - Aluminum Radiator?



Anyone running either of these in your Shark? Which has a better fit and also looking for the best dual fan set up. I would like to remove the current radiator, shroud and fan so I can install the billet pulleys as well. Yes, I am currently in need of therapy and a winning lotto ticket ;)


Of the two, you'll have better luck with Be-Cool. You will still need to do some crative fitting even though they say it's a drop in. We have installed many of these, and they do work very well.
Griffin's are good but you'll have to do major surgery to get it to fit.
Please do not remove your shroud or the fan or the clutch, unless you want to have cooling problems.
If you have already removed the factory fan or clutch, put in back on. Your car will thank you.



Many thanks! Even though I know deep down you are right, I still hate to look at that big ugly shroud and fan ;) Looks like it's time to take more parts to the powdercoating guy.
I have a be-cool radiator in my 68 with double electric fans in front. With the mechanical fan and shroud gone, I have more room to access and see the engine and see the nice-looking fabricated aluminum radiator. The fans are a slim design, high output, model name "black magic" or something available from Summit or any other parts house.

The be-cool is definately the best looking replacement you can find, but be carefull of quality controll. I bought one for my '64 and found it to be out-of-square by 1/2", so I called the factory and argued with them about returning it. They wouldn't accept a return so I just sent it back to summit (they do accept returns) and ordered another. That replacement leaks, but since I don't have car anymore....

Still, a good-looking efficient radiator.
I installed the Griffen (it fit PERFECTLY) and bought a dual fan setup from BeCool, also an easy install. The folks at both places are great. If you get the dual SPAL fans and the Griffen make sure you get the right fan mounting brackets, the non-lip mount.
The difference in the two radiators (according to the BeCool folks) is epoxy versus welding in some of the bonding. I am am not sure which is which but my Griffen looks all welded.
PS I also added a Edlebrock aluminum water pump, March serpentine pulleys and stainless hoses. I do not recommend the stainless hoses.
I just replaced the radiator in my 68.

After doing some research I decide to pick the radator built by DeWitts. This radator will drop right in and fight just like the stock one.

The big benefit is that has the highest thermal efficentcy compared with the griffen and be-cool radator.

Also I would not recommend the electric fans but use you mechanical setup, with a seven bladed fan.



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