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GS got crunched



My GS got hit while parked, today. It was a hit & run. Some serious damage to the hood, bumper, & electricals inside that corner. Anyone know if the 1/2" stripe is still available?:(

Just let me catch one of these idiots!!:r

I am cringing for you! How awful! SOBs!

That HURTS :(


If you find the LOW LIFE that did this to your GS I could be on a plane the same day :mad Gutless, Spineless, ignorant I won't go any further...

What a COWARD that person must be. :mad

Sure hope you know of a good Corvette Shop in Portland. Please keep us updated.

:( :r

Alan, sorry to hear it. It happened to me before but never with so much damage. Friggin' A-holes drive by Braille. :mad

Gee, Bud, I guess you're really mad, eh? :L

BTW, I forgot something; today I watched one of my neighbors pull into his space in front of his garage, and he actually ran into the car next to it! :eek Remember, I live in an apartment building so there are usually cars in the spaces in front of their garages. He's a youngster (30'ish) too. ;)

Sometimes I just don't understand... PERIOD! :confused
Sorry to hear about your GS.:mad You dont seem to be having good luck with her at all. As for the stripes, they should still be avalible, Jerry's Custom Paint had no problem getting them from GM a few weeks ago when I got mine done.

I feel your pain man.:r

Here's a Picture.:eek

Looks like Hood, Bumper, Side Light Assembly, Headlight Assembly, Broken Horn, Stripes, etc.:( :cry

I'll take it in Monday.:bang
Alan, didya hafta?

:( I can feel your pain without having to actually see it. :(
Ooooooh man

I'll join the posse too! I just hate those spinless few who refuse to be responsible for there own actions. Hope you get it fixed soon.....just seeing it made me ill and wicked :mad

Hit and run COWARD:r

Makes me sick to even think of it. :( I hope you have a good shop to do the repairs. Be picky..very picky.

Damn Alan......that's quite a hit & run. Sorry that happened. Ticks me off just thinking about it.


I'm sorry to hear about the hit and run. That really sucks. Any leads so far???:(

They arrested the woman, today:J

However, no insurance:mad

My insurance company put me on a waiting list to see an adjuster because I wouldn't accept the standard drive-through-get-a-check claim.
She should be sentanced to life at hard labor in a Corvette detail shop waxing Corvettes.

So they actually caught and arrested her!?!? YES!!!!!!! Awesome!
Well.......The insurance company had a look and decided how much they would do. I decided to do the whole car. The stripes are available only for the front, not the top and back. So, All of my stripes will be hand painted, including the hash marks:crazy
All will be under the clear coats. All of the little things from 44,000 miles will be fixed. The paint should be better than new. The bad news is...I gotta come up with $5k:cry

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