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Hard start after sitting 2-3 days


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Jul 5, 2002
1996 Black Coupe - LT4
I have a 1996 Corvette LT4 manual with +210K miles, my daily driver car. I have trouble starting Monday mornings typically after it has been sitting just over the weekend since i get home Friday after work. This can take 6-7 long cranks to finally get going. I notice puffs of smoke from the engine after the first crank or 2. After that, the car huffs and jerks and wants to start. Eventually it does start fully. I have no issues driving or acceleration.

After reporting this last year, my mechanic replaced the fuel pump and sending unit. This aftermarket one began to have the same problem last month. Also, sending unit was WAY off, read close to empty but still had 5-6 gallons left. So I purchased an original GM sending unit and fuel pump. Same hard starting problem is happening again after a few days idle. The ignition module was replaced 2 years ago when that died on me on the highway. I recently bought another new AC Delco fuel pump and new ignition module just in case.

Why so much trouble starting a car after only 2 days?
I replaced the fuel injectors and the car starts instantly now and has great acceleration! I recommend ACCEL 26 lbs.

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