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Help! hard starting and shutter Please Help!!

Eric's 98

New member
Apr 7, 2020
1989 C4 Automatic
So my wife and I inherited a 89 c4 automatic with 17,300 miles. its been in storage forever and driven once or twice a year. I picked up the car with my trailer from Ohio, brought it home to my shop and immediately evacuated and filled all fluids and changed all filters throughout car. following that i changed plugs, wires, fuel pump, cluster panel to repair a parasitic draw, ecm as the car was shutting off while driving intermittently due to a short inside ecm. took car out for 3 gas tanks of free ethanol to see what new problems were up. since i have had the car it has a hard time starting as if low fuel pressure but i checked that with KOEO and KOER both were good. car also has a shutter in 3rd gear after torque converter lock up between 1300-2000 rpm. idle has a slight stumble but not a heavy miss

I have checked
-fuel pressure
-firing order
-spark at plugs
-rechecked plugs after driving and look perfect
-checked fuel pressure regulator with vacuum tester
-checked for vacuum leaks
-plugged my scan tool in and checked live data all looked good
-did a throttle sweep and seen no dead spots
-cleaned and checked maf
-preformed a stethoscope hear test on injectors and all were good
-removed all injectors and bench cleaned both ways
-vacuum tested egr valve as i had it removed
-ohm tested coil and all injectors
-checked cap and rotor
-did a dark test for spark arching

i cannot figure this one out. I have spent hours and hours on this car and not getting anywhere. anybody have any ideas?:duh

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