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hi all!
i just found this site 2 months after getting rid of my vette. first and foremost i had a 97 artic white/dove gray, 6 spd. with all options except the adjustable suspension, had the z51 option. i first got it with 18k and got rid of it with 28k, not bad for 4 months. the guy i got it from said it was #242 off the line. this may or may not be true since i didn't know about the vin# reading for production when i had it, and don't have the info now. i'm actually writing this to detail the problems i had with mine and also to ask a qustion.

first the problems (knuckles cracking) i had the same problem with the gas gauge dropping to e and the dic system giving me the warning. this would only happen (and not all the time) when it had a full tank of gas and (important) when i put it into or out of 6th gear. it never did it in any other gear so i'm thinking it might have to be something with the wiring in the interior or close to the trans. i'm guessing, but it seems to make sense. all of my other problems are interior faults. the front speaker covers were horribly discolored, it almost looked like mud behind the grill that no cleaning (i found) would take care of. the passenger power seat switch main housing was snapped off from the seat. if you wearn't carefull when moving the seat broken platic resulted. the passenger side seat belt wouldn't retract manually, you had to use the pull and feed and pull and feed method to get it to retract. center counsel cover never locked and was kind of out of allingement. the 12 disc player was replaced 2 times and still skiped really bad when i got rid of the car. and last but not least, the clear roof leaked like a sieve. the seals were also replaced twice and still leaked when i got rid of it. if left out in a pretty good rain, there were puddles on the seats.

whew, that's it for problems! it may not be obvious from all my bellyaching but i loved the car like a mean but sexy girlfriend. she was expensive to own and if pushed the wrong way could bite you but was worth all the trouble when you trounced on the loud pedal or threw it into a corner so hard that your passenger looked sick after the exit. (not to mention checking this site and taking an hour to write this mail 2 months after i got rid of the car)

anyway my qustion is collecting related. are the 97's going to be more collectible (worth more) in the long run because of the first year of production and also because there were less produced then any other year? i noticed that there were no 97's for sale in all the popular mags. at the time, tons of 98's-2001's but no 97's. i'm allready kicking myself for getting rid of it in the first place but now after looking at the production #s im going to have other people give me free boots as well. anyhow i hope the problems somehow help you out. thanx
Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Sounds like you had a great time with your '97 while you owned it.

Given the investment potential of past 1st-year Corvette models, I'm willing to bet that the '97s will not be highly collectible. That's my guess.
Good question on the speaker grill. I have the same problem on the grill on the driver's side (passenger's side is fine). Anyone else have this problem?

The fuel gauge is a much discussed problem, butI'm starting to think that there may be multiple causes to this problem. And the seat belt problem may be covered under a recall.

By the way, welcome to the Corvette Action Center.
Welcome to the CACC. I do not have any problems with the speaker grills, both are fine. The fuel gauge though I have had my share. Other than that no complaints here.

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