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Head install Question


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Feb 2, 2015
Hey everyone. Working on my first engine build and a bit nervous. I have a 1982 Lt9 block and a set of 202 camel hump heads. I installed the head gasket on the alignment pins and the heads fit into the pins no problem. I torqued the bolts 25-45-65 ft/lbs in sequence.

I was starting to put my lifters and push rods in when I saw a strange hole/gap in the back drivers side of the block almost by the valve cover area. I put a screw driver in it and it doesn't appear to be a water jacket or oil hole.

Is this normal? I thought heads could go on either side. Did I put them on backwards? I see two arrow looking casting marks at the back of my heads. Should those have pointed to the front?

Please help. I have pics below.


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All the gaskets appear to line up. I just don't see this hole on the other side.

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Talked to a local mechanic and he said there should be a pipe plug in the hole. He said if I can't push a screw driver down it, it's most likely sealed and shouldn't be an issue. He recommended I fill the hole with permatex just to be safe.

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