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Heater Hose & Tubing

Nov 4, 2000
Scottsville, Kentucky
08 Jetstream Blue Z51 coupe
I have been going over the '81 with a fine tooth comb getting prepped for the trip to BG. In doing so I found yet another surprise! The heater line that connects to the water pump has a short section of hose then a aluminum bent tube that bends 90 degrees (twice) around and under the A/C compressor. It is attached with a clip to the lower bolt on the compressor. I removed the hoses to find that the tubing is severly corroded and had holes through under the hose. The part is not available in any of the catalogs that I have nor through Chevrolet. I'm having one made at a specialty shop and is about a week away. I don't know how many model years this tube was used on but you may want to give your C3 a close look. :eek


Hmmmm! My 79 has a molded hose from water control valve to pump and another molded hose going to the heater box.. You probably could have used those and eliminated that piece of pipe...:cool

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