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heater hose



I recently blew my heater hose. The one under my air conditioning compressor. It is impossible to get too except for taking off my compressor which means releasing my freon (which i just had recharged) and then I can reach it. Is there a easier way to do this that i just can't seem to figure out?


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Jul 3, 2001
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No, you can remove the mounting bolts holding the compressor and swing it out of the way without taking the lines loose. I have done it plenty of times. In fact, when I pull the engine on a C4 I leave the a/c compressor hoses attached and the freon in place, just be very careful when you move it, and don't bind/pinch the lines up.

Sorry you did not get any faster reply.

People here are pretty good about replying only if they have info that would be valuable. Chances are the 10 views that had seen your post up until now are just as curious as you are about how it all comes apart.

Good luck!


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Feb 13, 2001
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Chris is correct

When I did my water pump I was faced with the same problem....

It's not easy...but can be done.

Oh yes, you cannot buy the CORRECT hose replacements anymore ( the moulded "T")

I had to make my own..... yet MORE fun!



Several years back, the aluminum casting that the compressor bolts to broke. I was able to swing the compressor out of the way and replace the whole casting without disconnecting the compressor.

I to apologize for not reading your post.

Good luck,


You can replace the hose by removing the compressor. The compressor is attached to the system with hoses, so it can be moved aside once you get the compressor detached. This isn't easy to do, but it is doable. I've done it several times. The first time took me 2 days trying to figure out how the air pump tube fits thru the compressor bracket and connects to both the solenoids above the compressor and the air tube to the converter without it getting in the way of the compressor brace to the exhaust manifold. The last time I did it 4 weeks ago it only took 4 hours.

It's such a pain that I'd first try removing the fan belt tensioner and the belt. Then you can access the heater hose clamp on the water pump thru a window in the compressor bracket. If the clamp screw is turned the wrong way, then you're out of luck and the compressor and bracket have to come off.

Taking the compressor off and putting it back on makes you want to meet the engineer that designed the bracket. The fuel lines and a air pump tube go thru a hole in the bracket, preventing the bracket from coming off with the compressor still attached. If only the braket had a notch instead of a hole it would be alot easier. Getting the compressor off wouldn't be so hard if one bolt didn't hit the valve cover, forcing you to remove all of the bolts from the bracket (including the 2 nuts attaching it to the water pump and the torqx head bolt under the compressor pulley) and prying the bracket and compressor forward until the bolt comes out. Getting everything back on is even more fun. Warning!! Don't let young childeren, pets or wives into the gargage when you are doing this. Just the look on your face will scare them!!

Good luck!


Heater hose

As Vigman and others said, it can be done without losing the Freon. I have also done it on my '86.
I went to the parts store for the "Y" heater hose and they said it was a factory item. They showed me how I could cludge one together with a "T" connector, etc. But volunteered that I should probably get one from the dealer. So I orderd one from the dealer for $48.00! When it came guess what? You probably already guessed! It was the same cobbled together type that I had seen at the parts store! Of course I told him what to do and where to put it and went back to the parts store for my $8.00 cludged togther "T" connector hoses. The dealer also told me that it was no longer available. I noticed that the price hasn't changed much though. :)


I like all the rest above me was able to swing the AC bracket
out of the way without releasing the Freon. while replacing my
Water pump and replacing hose at same time. It's not a hard job
couple hours at most

Ron K

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